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Bow House

accommodation | Penneshaw SA 5222

Tourism Adelaide welcomes Bow House in Penneshaw, for all your accommodation and travel needs, book your holiday today.

Bow House provides you with self-contained Kangaroo Island holiday accommodation that is modern, neat and tastefully decorated, close to all amenities with relaxing waterfront views of Penneshaw. The four bedroom, two bathroom house has a fabulous open plan dining and living area overlooking the bay. Glass frontage opening onto an outside deck makes the most of the spectacular views and absolute seafront location. The neat kitchen has a full size fridge, microwave and oven. The family can relax in reverse-cycled air-conditioned comfort and take advantage of the book and game library, or there is a television, DVD and sound system. The town amenities of Penneshaw are within a 10 minute walk. ...
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